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Kāhu™ roofing and cladding profile from Metalcraft Roofing will add elegance, extra strength and style to any residential or commercial project. Designed for roofs to 4° minimum pitch and as horizontal or vertical wall cladding. Available in COLORSTEEL® ENDURA® and COLORSTEEL® MAXX®.


  • Minimum pitch: 4° (minimum pitch will increase depending on sheet lengths - please refer to information sheet.)
  • Orientation: Roofing, horizontally and vertically laid cladding
  • Cover Width: 875 mm
  • Sheet Width: 950 mm
  • Application: Residential, Commercial, Roofing and Cladding
  • Material Options: Colorsteel® Endura®, Colorsteel® Maxx®, Aluminium

The great feature about Kāhu™ is the double capillary overlap to the side lap which allows for greater performance:

  • Greater weather performance is achieved with the double capillary overlap as it provides an extra capillary barrier to the standard capillary groove, giving you extra peace of mind.
  • The double capillary overlap requires only a one rib lap. This increases the cover sheet size and speeds up installation time, providing for a cost effective roofing and cladding solution.
  • For wall cladding applications the exposed capillary groove on the overlap can be omitted providing for a smoother appearance.

The Colorsteel® Range

COLORSTEEL® Prepainted steel has been protecting kiwi homes for more than 30 years.
It's been designed to perform and designed to look great too.

All colours are available in COLORSTEEL® ENDURA® and COLORSTEEL® MAXX®.
Please note colours shown are indicative and we recommend you request a steel colour sample.